What They're Saying...

Every time I see Kylie I realise I need to do this to keep on top of my crazy life. I work very long hours and have a demanding stressful job. Without my massages I would not cope so well. - A Arcana

You are the best! I have tried others but I never get the results I get with you. - J Andrews

Kylie is our practitioner of choice for the whole family - my husband and I have been seeing her regularly for over 10 years , my daughter and son in law have seen her as well. I have recommended many friends come and see her. A treatment with Kylie is the perfect gift too! - F Dell

Kylie is my go-to therapist. I have found her treatments better than most physios or chiros. - S Voorwinden

My work is very physically demanding, since I started getting monthly treatments I have not had the back pain like I used to. - C Moyer

So much more than just a massage. I usually leave feeling like I have a whole new perspective on things. I don’t know how she does it but she is the best! - F Green

It is our monthly ritual. The whole family come and get our treatments. The kids love it, but my husband and I need it. - A Shawarbi

My husband and I see Kylie every 2 weeks and my 80 year old mother every month. She keeps the whole family happy and healthy. - S Karassik

Support a busy life

Regular massage is part of my health management regime. Because I come regularly I keep on top of any niggling aches and pains and have avoided many of the problems of age I see my friends go through. Massage is the perfect way to maintain a fit and healthy body. - P Nean

This was the best part of my recovery. I always leave feeling like a million dollars. Calm and relaxed. I wish I could have one every day! - S Mcfarland

I have had a problem with my shoulder for 8 months, I had been to doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors. It wasn’t until I saw Kylie that the issue resolved. After just one session it was better than it had been since the problem began. After 3 sessions I was pain free. 9 months later the issue had never returned. - N Young

I have seen Kylie for over 10 years. She is remarkable. She has helped my though a hip operation, as well as weight loss and arthritis problems. After a treatment with Kylie I always feel amazing. All the pain gone. - T Pandel

I used to have headaches every month before seeing kylie for regular massage. Now I never get them. - D Alice

I love Kylie’s treatments - they are so effective. I usually see results immediately I always feel so much better. - L Sharpe

My daughter told me about Kylie a few months ago and I am so glad she did. She has helped my fibromyalgia so much. C Rosario

Kylie helped my though a difficult time after a car accident. Her treatment were so good I know I wouldn’t have recovered so quickly if I hadn’t had them. - R Cavaleri

My husband has been seeing Kylie for some time, so when I hurt my arm he told me I should see her. I am so glad I did. Her treatment gave me immediate relief, when the physio treatments never did. - T Neal

Repair & Recover

I can't recommend Kylie highly enough. Her treatments are the highlight of my week . - R Curtis

I have been to many other therapists but none are as good as Kylie. What she does in one session is what most otters take 4 sessions to do. She knows exactly what to do and how to help. I always leave feeling so much better. - N Ararat

I have a disability which means that I deal with pain almost every day. Without Kylie's treatments I would be in a wheelchair by now. I can’t recommend her highly enough. - R Candel

The best. No other word for it. - P Costa

Very good treatments. I highly recommend Kylie. - B Dent

Kylie is our family masseur. She has seen us all over the years, and we all love her. She is friendly and very good at what she does. - G Blunt

Part of my monthly self-care routine. The best part! - L Freeman

It is my monthly treat, I work hard, so I deserve it! Her massages are relaxing and energizing. Kylie is really good at her work and I would never see anyone else. - D Botello 

There is no one like Kylie, she is the best (and I have tried lots). Her massages are one of a kind. I don’t know how she does it but she always knows how to make you feel better. - D Bouton

It is so nice to treat yourself to a relaxing massage. My first one was a birthday gift from my girlfriend, but now I get one every month so that I keep on top of stress. - P Green

She has the magic touch! - R Thursdy

Nurture & Balance

My Journey...

I have been massaging full time since 1997. 

I love it.

I love the challenge.

I love the results

I love to help you discover balance when it has been lost...​

I see it as a privilege and an honor to work with you on your body.

I am passionate about uncovering your inner balance and vitality...

Here are some stats in case you like numbers...

Since I Started I Have...

20 Years in Business
21,900 Massages Given
8,500 Happy Clients
15 Different Modalities
85% Repeat Customers